Antalya Tours 2020 – Explore the Pearl of South

Antalya tours are the best traveling options if you are about to visit Antalya, but do not know how to explore this amazing place. Especially if you visit there in summer, you might feel that you are suffocating due to the hot weather.

Let the humidity loosen its hands around your neck by getting rid of another responsibility: We think the only thing you should think about is the beauty of the crystal-clear waters of the sea of Antalya.

Speaking of the sea, you should know Antalya is a place that you can have an amazing summer vacation. Yes, it is a little bit hot, but it also creates an appealing atmosphere that you can swim for hours. Or, you can wear your lightest clothes and have a walk along the seaside. If you want more excitement though, you can sign up for Antalya tours. They will surely make your time in Antalya full of fun.

Before giving you more details about the advantages of Antalya tours and its variety, we would like to share some interesting facts about Antalya. Then, you will completely get convinced about going there.

Now, if you are ready to learn more about Antalya, read below and get ready to grow your sympatry to the pearl of south!

Antalya: The Best Summer Vacation

Antalya is where the blue and green mix. Also, as one of the best holiday resorts of Turkey, it has amazing swimming spots, luxurious facilities, striking nightlife and more. Now, let’s read and learn more about this charming place!

  • Antalya is the fifth most crowded city of Turkey. Of course, in summer, its population gets nearly double. Because it is the most popular touristic “summer” destination and it welcomes both foreign and local tourists!
  • It is claimed that the first settlement in Antalya was roughly 50 thousand years ago. Thus, we can easily say that Antalya has a rich history. As an evidence of that statement, Antalya has many ancient cities to visit.
  • Antalya is famous for the production of banana, kiwi and sour-orange. Thus, we highly recommend you to have a plate that contains these fruits which will add some sweetness to your relief.
  • Antalya has its own Atlantis (yes, the myth one) called “Kekova Sunken City” and it is very popular destination. You can sign up for a boat trip and reach there. The island is quite impressing.

To sum up, Antalya has many things to offer you, actually, in any season. If you are into history, ancient times, swimming, sunbathing, hiking in the nature and healthy cuisine, you will adore every inch of it.

In order to have perfect hours and days in Antalya, you should definitely join in Antalya tours. These tours have two categories as Antalya package tours and Antalya excursions. If you wonder their special features, you will find them below. Yet, first, we will give you their common advantages!

The Advantages of Antalya Tours

You have your swimsuit, towel, light clothes, flip flops, snorkel and sun cream in your bag. Regardless of being a solo traveler, a couple, a group of friends or a family, you all are ready to enjoy the refreshing waters of the sea. Also, you are dying to feel the warm touch of the sun all over your skin. Yes, your destination is Antalya. Yet, the problem is you have no idea about how to get the best and most of it. Luckily, we know the answer.

You should definitely join in Antalya tours. Because these privileged programs are prepared to meet your expectations from a perfect holiday. After learning more about their advantages, you will definitely agree with us!

  • Antalya tours are very comfortable.

Imagine that you do not need to deal with all of the boring process of searching for information: You know, before having a vacation, you should learn every detail of it such as the places to visit, facilities to accommodate, the prices of everything… Instead, you can only select one of the amazing Antalya tours and get rid of the exhaustion.

  • They will allow you to collect useful information and fun, which cannot happen with your limited opportunities.

Since Antalya tours have a professional guidance service, wherever you visit in Antalya, you will learn a lot of impressing things. And the way you learn them will be a lot better than reading the long texts or tables. Since these guides are professional in their fields, they will help you to grow your cultural accumulation by providing you with amazing facts.

  • Antalya tours are cheaper than creating your own tour.

Now, let us give you an undeniable fact: Trying to create your holiday content is boring, yes, and it is also more expensive. If you think we exaggerating, let us also prove this statement. Since tourism agencies can have special offers such as group discount, they have more economic prices. And these prices reflect to your personal prices, too.

Now, if you are convinced to join in Antalya tours, we can introduce your special options and their features now!

Antalya Package Tours

  • Antalya package tours are very extensive.
  • They generally include the from/to hotel transportation, professional guidance and lunch or breakfast (or both, sometimes).
  • They generally have full-day contents. Sometimes, they might also last for a couple of days. In those options, the accommodation is also included.
  • Thanks to the Antalya package tours, you will be able to visit many places or have a long time in there.
  • During the day, they generally have a free time session to let you purchase something or enjoy your time freely.

Antalya Excursions

  • Antalya excursions are very moving and dynamic.
  • They generally include the from/to hotel transportation service, guidance or instructors.
  • They are half-day programs. At the end of the tour, you can spend your time as you wish.
  • They might be also activities such as boat trips, safaris or cruises.

Decorate Your Holiday by Our Exclusive Service

By choosing to join in our Antalya tours, you will have unforgettable time in Antalya! Our professional crew, mission to serve our guests perfectly and admiration to Antalya will mix to each other. Then, we will offer you this delightful bouquet!

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