The route called “Istanbul to Pamukkale” is a dream-like and popular destination option among the tourists who visit Turkey.

If you plan for coming to Turkey, becoming one of these lucky people and getting lost in the authentic “white” aura, you also will need to know how to get to Pamukkale from Istanbul.

Of course, the vehicle options, distance between them, things you should consider and other important details should be also known in order to have a perfect trip. Luckily, you will learn all of them… from us!

Get from İstanbul to Pamukkale – The Tips and Information

Let us give you some general information about the significance and beauty of Pamukkale, the land of travertines.

If you already know everything about this unique place and that is why you are quite excited about your travel, you can jump to the other titles, too!

Now, let’s start to enjoy some amazing facts about Pamukkale.

Interesting Facts about Pamukkale

We suggest you to get your pencils and papers ready to take some notes down: You can impress people through these facts and also, get even more convinced about getting to Pamukkale!

  • The lands of Pamukkale are not artificial or shaped by the humans -they are all-natural! In fact, the white and matchless surface of the Pamukkale Mountain is the children of the chemical reactions that occurred millions of years ago and weather conditions over time! Of course, thermal waters that flood over these rocks have a big impact, too!
  • The name of “Pamukkale” means “Cotton Castle” in Turkish. If you wonder why the term of “cotton” is used here, you should see its pure beauty to understand it better.
  • Pamukkale has a quite important historical background for Christianity. If you visit the Ancient City of Hierapolis which is located at the top of it, specifically, you will understand what we mean.
  • You can unite the nature and history in there: Travertines, thermal waters and the remains of Holy City mix to each other!
  • Pamukkale witnessed many different timelines, civilizations, wars, empires, loves…. Thus, everything you will see or learn during your visit will expand your cultural accumulation.

How Do You Get from Istanbul to Pamukkale?

Now, we already know that you cannot wait for visiting Pamukkale. And probably the question of “How do I get to Pamukkale from Istanbul?” is wandering around in your mind. Luckily, you have more than one answer, and that is why you can compare them and find the most suitable one.

Your options to travel from Istanbul to Pamukkale are:

  • Flight
  • Bus
  • Car

Istanbul to Pamukkale by Plane

Flying to Pamukkale from Istanbul is probably the most popular option, since it is quite fast and comfortable. In this option:

  • You will take a plane from Istanbul Airport (in European side of Istanbul) or Sabiha Gokcen Airport (in Asian side of Istanbul). We highly suggest you to select one of these airports according to the side that you accommodate.
  • Flight which will last approximately for 1 hour and 5 minutes in total.
  • You will land to Denizli Airport (approximately one hour away from Pamukkale).
  • You can travel to the heart of Pamukkale from there by taking a shuttle, taxi (an expensive option) or through transfer systems.

The Airlines that Arrange Flights to Pamukkale:

  • Turkish Airlines
  • Pegasus Airlines

Istanbul to Pamukkale by Bus

Before giving the steps of this journey, let us tell you this option is cheaper than the flight. Yet, you should be ready for a long-term road trip!

  • You will get on your bus from Istanbul.
  • You will have a 10-hour road trip until you get to Denizli. Because the total distance between Istanbul and Denizli is approximately 620 kilometers.
  • Then, you can take another bus that goes to Pamukkale.

Istanbul to Pamukkale by Car

If you think getting a car to visit Pamukkale from Istanbul is the best, you can arrange it through car rental agencies. Especially if you are travelling as a crowded group, it might be quite affordable.

  • In this option, the entire duration from Istanbul to Pamukkale will be approximately 6 hours and 37 minutes if you do not stop for a long time on the roads.

The Best Way to Get to Pamukkale from Istanbul

Now, let us help you about finding the best option if you could not decide yet: The best way to travel to Pamukkale from Istanbul is definitely joining in Pamukkale tours and let the professionals handle this boring processes.

Among all Turkey tours, tours to Pamukkale are very popular and this popularity has real good reasons such as being:

  • Affordable
  • Practical
  • Full of information thanks to the professional guides
  • Very dynamic and energetic
  • Capable of combining the most outstanding places in Pamukkale

In brief, you will have more than you can ever expect through Pamukkale tours.

If you would like to enjoy all of these advantages, you can contact us and get more details!

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